Got this wall decal for my room in my apartment! I thought it was perfect!

Got this wall decal for my room in my apartment! I thought it was perfect!


My blood sugar dropped like the way you fall asleep, slowly, and then so fast that I ran into the wall while I was getting a juice box

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First time to match!

First time to match!


You guys I’m in Disney World and this afternoon my blood sugar dropped so low I got separated from my family and somehow bought an ice cream and then blacked out and woke up on a bench with chocolate sauce all over my arms and Mickey Mouse putting a cold towel on my head this truly is a magical place.

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Showing off the pump at the lake✌️

Showing off the pump at the lake✌️

Anonymous said: How old are you? And how long have you been diagnosed?

I am 19 and in September I will have had diabetes for two years:)

Anonymous said: About the pump during sex thing, my girlfriend is really nervous about it when I have it on. So I take it off and then she freaks out about the injection site haha. But she warmed up to it eventually. You just have to let him know that it's not a big deal and that, like the admin said, it's okay to have it off. I always take mine off.

Thanks for the input:)

Anonymous said: My boyfriend has type 1.I love him so much But since he got a pump he's been insure about sleeping with me. I don't mind it I think he's cute when he gets all tangled up in it. But it annoys him and we end up not doing it! I need him to know its okay

Well honestly, I usually take my pump off in times like that. Sometimes I don’t early on, but eventually I do. And it’s okay to take it off. Tell him if his blood sugars go high a little bit, it’s okay. It’s also okay if he gets nervous or annoyed with it. Just let him know you support him 100%. Let him know you aren’t bothered with it. And definitely let him know that you love him.

Anonymous said: Can I ask you for some advice?

Of course:)
Any time any of you need advice on anything, feel free to ask!


***at job interview***
“So what would you say is your greatest weakness?”
Me: “Well my pancreas doesn’t work..?”

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